Saturday, May 30, 2015

Star Wars Cosplay Series: It begins

My excitement for the project is already clouding my judgment. I pulled the pieces out of M7100 to cut them and found out that there is a shoulder dart in the pattern that was not illustrated on the line drawings on the back of the pattern. I now realize it does say "with shoulder dart" in the description but... I never read that. Anyway I just squished the dart out of the pattern piece and am going forward.

What I don't have is any scotch tape to do my pattern adjusting with so I'm using hot pink duct tape. Worst choice ever for adjusting delicate dainty tissue paper. Cool

You can see where I folded the shoulder dart out of the sleeve piece and I also added the band lengths to the sleeves and body pieces since I"m doing the jacket straight down.

Thankfully my project is saved by the baby as I realized he'd be getting up before I could cut the pieces so I am taking the time to wash and dry my fabric instead. Smart move. Thank you baby. I am trying hard to bring this back into the realm of good sewing habits.

I also started a handwritten journal of the experience because I'm way too excited to keep this project just an ordinary project. Plus I need more stuff and carrying around swatches in a purse sounds like a bad call too.

Next I'll be figuring out my lining situation (the pattern isn't currently lined) and testing out the quilting detail for the sleeves. Oh and purchasing some dang scotch tape. Onward!

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