Thursday, January 23, 2014

New Patterns: Cutting and Altering

I just got two new patterns in the mail- fresh off the $2.99/Mccall's sale. They are for a pair of jeans M6610 and for a couple of T-shirts B5354.

One exciting thing about the jeans is that the pattern includes detailed instructions on alterations. I appreciate that Mccall's has embraced the difficulty of fitting handmade pants and wants to help. The very reason I chose this pattern was to myself embrace the difficulty of fitting handmade pants, so thanks McCall.

I'll get started on those pants soon. The fabric is in the wash.

Turning to the Tshirt, I have a bizarre thing to note. I want the shirts to come out plenty long enough so I took a gander at the finished measurements and contorted myself a bit to determine if the listed 24 1/4 inches would suffice for my back length. Putting a tape measure up to my neck, seems good! But! I decided to pull out the pattern and check the measurement against that just for giggles.

See there- the pattern only measures about 25 inches long in the back and wants you to make an inch and a quarter of a hem. When you remove that hem length and another 5/8ths for the neckline, uhhh the finished length is NOT gonna add up to 24 and change!

I decided to consult the instructions to see if I'm supposed to add my own 1.25 inches when I cut but it isn't super clear or rather it doesn't seem to want me to. Then I consulted the Reader's Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing and based on their assessment I'd say the pattern wants me to cut it as-is, meaning I'm not getting that promised finished length.

Can I also point out that the "lengthen or shorten here" line is above the natural waist, which implies that my waist is lower than the pattern. Nope. Actually I have a high/short waist and a longer whatever-you-call-below-the-waist-and-above-the-butt.

It's just a shirt pattern. I'm sure I can just add a little lengthy-poo and it should come out. We'll see! Check back for more details in this exciting tale.