Saturday, May 23, 2015

Baby Quilt for Margaret!

Here it is!

Crib sized from a Mardens Jelly Roll. Excuse my weird eye intensity.

Bundled for the gift bag. I tied it up with the leftover quilt binding.

The back is solid green. The fabric was originally going to line a knitted skirt but I thought it would look so cute on the quilt so I used it for this instead.

This is definitely just the start of the quilt making days. I had a complete blast from start to finish. I think the best part of all was probably looking through the jelly roll and dreaming up my design but I really enjoyed every single step. Quilting it under the walking foot was also interesting.

I'd love to get more jelly rolls and make a twin size quilt for Adrian to grow in to. For now I'm scheming up a quilting related project (ok, a patchwork project. no actual quilting.) for my coworker who will be having a baby shower here eventually.

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