Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Star Wars Cosplay Series: Intro

Star Wars Episode VII comes out in December of this year so Jerm and I decided to have a little cosplay fun to get psyched up for what looks like a very promising return to the Star Wars saga.

Jerm is going to be Han Solo and he's aiming for accuracy to the original costumes. I'm going to be a female interpretation of Luke Skywalker wearing the costume from this scene:

I plan to make some elements such as the amazing yellow jacket, probably the black shirt under the jacket, and the holster for the blaster on his leg. I'm still debating if I should make a medal. I think it would be cool but maybe it'll be the last part of the project.

Below you can see the shirt on a young and dreamy Mark Hamill.

So let's start with the somewhat formidable jacket. I have never made one so why not take this opportunity to give it a crack and hang my hopes and dreams on it while I'm at it? I've got a copy of McCall's M7100 and some yellow fabric and lining. The trick is that this pattern is almost like a sweatshirt style, is unlined, and calls for knits, so I'm a little nervous how it will come out in something with structure/quilting/lining but hey- I'll improvise!

More about the fabric and taking my first steps soon! My goal and hope is to document this crazy venture into cosplay and I hope to have other projects in between too. So ambitious!

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