Tuesday, August 26, 2014

GoVeralls, Next Socks, and Back To Sewing!

My sweet baby is 9 months old today! I would wish for him to slow down if he weren't so darn cute and happy to be growing and learning!

Crafty me managed to bust out some On The Goveralls for him in just a couple of weeks. This speed of completion is nearly unheard of * so it's kind of a big deal. They initially came out huge so I frogged the 12-18 mo size in favor of 6-12 and they're frankly still a touch oversized. Guys I knit under-gauge (and hate spelling the word 'gauge'!!) all the time so why the past 2 projects have been oversized is beyond me.

* for a Bethy, that is.

Eeeenywhoo here's a couple of bad photos/poor lighting/etc of the adorable overalls.

Awesome. They don't look too huge when he's sitting but you can kinda tell there's some extra fabric hanging around his legs. I'm tempted to knit up another pair lightning-speed in the next size so that I'll have a backup for when he grows outta these... but no! I've got far too many next project ideas on the docket!

I cast on my next pair of Christmas present socks. After much deliberation I chose the Dogwood Trees because I can't get enough of free downloadables on Ravelry.

Finally, I decided it was high time to venture back into the sewing foray and I was super inspired by Amanda Rolfe from 3and3quarters. I'm going to make some English paper-pieced hexies. If it is too much to pull out all the machine sewing then at least I can do something by hand, dang it!

The days may be long and busy, but they can still be crafty!