Friday, July 4, 2014

Colorwork Socks and New-To-Me Yarn

Happy 4th of July! The lighting seemed great for a quick photo shoot of my latest creative endeavor.

Butterflies are Free

This is my first venture into stranded colorwork and I've fallen in love. It is so fun and pretty and it turns out I really don't mind following charts. Only the first sock is done and when laid flat (this is unblocked) it appears comically large BUT when I put it on the sock actually has some semblance of (slightly roomy...) fit!

The kitchener stitch grafted toe came out a little wonky on this one mostly because I was doing it past my bedtime out of project-completion-excitement. Fool that I am. Next sock I'll be sure to save this bit for daytime or at least pre-9pm. Speaking of the next sock... I really did get started and am already 2/3 done the leg!

I am using post-it notes as my chart guides, which is both cheap and highly portable so hey. Don't judge me. I'll buy a magnetic chart board one day. You can also see the delightful wool/nylon blend yarn I'm using. It is splitty and a little heavy for sock-weight but I forgive it because it's a really nice yummy wool that shows off the colorwork so nicely.

My next project is already partially started. Here's the yarn I saved from what my buddy Johanna found for me. It's acrylic but should be perrrfect for the overalls for little Adrian. This photo is after having soaked and dried the yarn- I have two more bundles that are drying still. Gotta wind up the balls and then I can cast on my goveralls!

Finally, below is a shot of the intended goverall recipient and my photoshoot supervisor.

He was waiting (somewhat) patiently just inside the door as I took these pictures out on the front step.

That's all for now!

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